What is The Water Woman Project?

Re: The future…

The Water Woman Project is a new artistic movement/community/festival of the 21st Century. Our focus is promoting new ways to live on our planet that combine artful design with ecological function.

Through the collective spirit of sustainable art, the Water Woman Project has emerged as a vibrant community of visionary artists and concerned individuals whose creativity urges them to express their connection with and commitment to serving the ways of nature.

Our Passion: Art that inspires us to act, radical design and creative applications that raise consciousness and demonstrates respect for the Goddess of Life. Generating vibrant communities of people learning to live well & lightly on our planet in accordance with natural principles. The melding of art, technology and nature.

Our Mission: To promote new ways of living through the celebration and promotion of art, beneficial design & lifestyle at the cutting edge of ecological function and consciousness; To offer opportunities to collectively express our deep inner creativity and connectedness with the E­­arth; To present new and progressive concepts and creations that embrace the intelligence of natural systems; To inspire and empower people to live creatively in ways that are low impact and more “sustainable.”

Our Vision: To find permanent and impermanent land(s) for Water Woman Festivals that lead to the building of educational facilities and “eco-villages” for demonstrating theories of art and ecological design in ways that are both sustainable and radically beautiful; To hold these spaces as a places for ritual gatherings to acknowledge our collective power to heal the Earth; To offer opportunities to participate in building real communities where new ideas, methods, and ways of living come into practice.

Join with us as we consciously transform the future of art and civilization, a celebration of our collective creativity and intention.

YOUR PARTICIPATION is what we seek! We ask you to share your art, your knowledge, your creations and ideas as we connect you with others online and in real life. We are a growing community of passionate people like you who are participating in visioning the future we all desire. Share your vision. What are you doing that’s innovative? What are you doing that is “eco” and cool? Show us and we’ll show everyone what we all can do to live beautifully and make a difference.

Get inspired, Get connected, Get involved.

The Water Woman Project
Art + Permaculture + Civilization




Waterwoman is a community webspace where artists and scientist, engineers, patrons, and the general public can share and see new ideas that combine aesthetic and ecological principals. These can be anything from designs for day-to-day products, eco-projects, art installations, machines, dwellings, food and water production models, and business concepts.

Waterwoman’s primary goal is to encourage the formation of a community of like-minded individuals by creating a forum for intellectual, architectual, and ecological discussion and then taking this exchange one step further by concentrating on how to put these varying ideas into real, meaningful, permanent practice.

We are interested in providing a community where people can contribute their talents and ideas in order to “do good” in their community, school, neighborhood, business, temple, etc.

DO GOOD HOW? By making these communities environmentally sustainable, independently operated, non-polluting, and breathtakingly beautiful.

Vision: Find permanent land and build eco-villages based on the theories of art and ecological design in a way that is both sustainable AND beautiful.

Highlight and feature the coolest new gizmos, programs, designs and provide an outlet to showcase the talents and innovation of these people Our aim is to bring these ethereal, conceptual ideas into fruition via collaboration and the creation of both a virtual and literal space for the exchange of knowledge and resources

Waterwoman is more than just a two or three or 10 day event…its a movement. It’s a place for YOU to contribute your special, individual talents, be they art, an invention, a skill or service, a new, ecologically sustainable way of doing something, and then be connected with like-minded others to share, educate, learn from, and collaborate with.

YOUR PARTICIPATION is what we seek. We want your video, your photos, your design blueprints, your passion, time, and energy in order to connect to you and to connect YOU to people who share your vision. What are you doing that’s innovative? What are you doing thats “eco”? Bring it on and let the Waterwoman Project showcase your talents!

Abiding principals

  • Mean well, do well
  • Reuse
  • Share the wealth and knowledge
  • Organize talents
  • Place for R and D that supports energy and innovation and on the cusp ecological ideas

Wish List

  • Permanent land for installations and experimental dwellings
  • Event spaces for “Festivals”
  • Volunteers who want to play
  • Donations to to help move us in the right direction
  • Sponsorships to help propel us into the future

Foundation & Programs

  • Civic leadership
  • Education
  • Energy
  • Infrastructure
  • Design
  • Organizational and Business management