The emotional costs of flooding

san diego floodIt is astounding in many ways. It is shocking in many ways. The images of it can often cause people to flinch, or cry, or feeling desperately that they should be doing something to help.

Flooding is a catastrophic thing.It can happen to any person, in any home, in any country in the world. Flooding is both a natural and an unnatural event that can rarely be stopped and only occasionally predicted, which often leaves those at its mercy totally abandoned to fate and their own abilities. The physical destruction of property and belongings can often bankrupt a family, and cause a huge amount of stress trying to return their home back to normal after the flood waters have receded. But during water damage recovery, what are the emotional costs of flooding?

For many, it is that some of their most precious belongings have been destroyed. Few people can actually believe that they are much more likely to suffer from water damage at some point in their lives than the risk of fire and the risk of theft combined. Water damage can quickly destroy anything on paper, such as photographs, wedding certificates, love letters, children’s drawings. Those are items that you can never get back, and never replace. The sadness on losing them can sometimes be too much to bear. How do you explain to officials that you have no birth certificate, no passport? It can leave many people in a sort of emotional no man’s land; with little ability to prove who they are, and no memories on paper to look back on.

For others, it is the emotional toll that flooding puts on their family.Children will naturally be the ones that often suffer the most, because water damage can completely ruin items like soft toys, and favorite blankets. These items are completely irreplaceable in the truest sense of the word, and many children will find it difficult – if not impossible – to sleep for a long time before they become accustomed to doing life without their most precious friends. The family unit will undoubtedly go under a huge amount of upheaval during the water damage restoration process; items such as ruined wedding dresses will be found, and furniture handed down from generation to generation could be lost forever.

For some, it is the physicality of mold removal and water damage restoration. Never a pleasant task, when your entire home has been covered in mold due to water damage it is a long and laborious task that has to be undertaken. The health hazards of mold have been well documented, and many people dread the idea that they could catch an illness, or suffer from breathing problems because they are having to clear away so much mold.

Every situation has its own emotional pitfalls, but flooding in particular – and the water damage restoration process that comes with it – can often be disheartening, and saddening. These are the emotional costs of clouding that few people ever really see.

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How To Protect Your Family From Asbestos

asbestos removal from san diego propertyWhen moving into a new home with your family, you’re pressed with several things that you need to consider. One of them is whether your new house has asbestos and how to protect your family from this if it does. The last thing you would want to do is compromise your families’ safety by ignoring what has harmed thousands of other families. Today we will be talking about what you could do to prevent the dangers of asbestos of reaching your household and protect your family against it.

There are instances in which asbestos is harmless. These are times where even if you do have asbestos in your house, it doesn’t matter. But that only applies to houses that are relatively new and well-maintained. This is because asbestos can’t hurt anyone unless it enters the victim’s body. For those that don’t know, asbestos usually resides between your walls. As long as it stays between your walls, it won’t harm anyone.

Once there is a hole in your wall, or any other place that asbestos rests in, then you will have to consider asbestos removal. Even small holes could act as a gateway towards your loved ones. Prolonged exposure to asbestos is devastating to the body, so it’s important to be aware of the threat and find potential areas where asbestos could break out. Asbestos can reside anywhere in your house, but it displays certain signs that will give away its position such as the small dimples you see on walls.

If you know that asbestos could break out at any time or have already found a leak, then you need to choose between two things. You can choose to seal the leak, which is usually the fastest and easiest option. Or you can choose to remove the asbestos from the wall entirely. Both are solid routes to take, so it will depend on how severe the threat is and your preference.

In most cases, just closing it off tightly will do the job. However, that will give asbestos the opportunity to get out through another hole at a later date. By removing the threat entirely, you won’t have to worry about asbestos harming your family in the future, which should give you some more peace of mind.

Once you’re certain that there is asbestos in your wall, it’s important to search for existent leaks. If there are none, then you have nothing to worry about for the time being and your family is safe. Should you find a hole or two, deal with it through the above mentioned instructions. Asbestos is usually very easy to deal with as long as you are aware of the threat. So unless you have been living in a house with a hole for years, there is little to worry about.

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Learn EarthBag Building In Puerto Rico w/ Scott Howard.

I am happy to announce Earthen Hand is offering an
Earthbag Dome Intensive Workshop this coming
April 10-20, 2010 in Patillas, Puerto Rico.
Please help us make this trip a success by spreading the word to others. I can forward along my printable flyer at your request.

Earthbag Dome

Please see details at:

Also, I am currently preparing for our workshop in Dogon Country, Mali that will start next month.

We are building a schoolroom there.

A big thank you to everyone who helped maked this current project possible!

Kind regards,

Scott Howard
Earthen Hand Natural Building

Mars is coming close to Earth. Hold on.

Rusty Mon says,

On Aug. 26, 2003, when Mars was closer to Earth than it had been in many millenia, Mars was just a star-like point of light in the night sky. Mars will make another close approach to Earth Jan. 29, 2010, and will be only 61.7 million miles from Earth, closer than it will be again until March 2014. Peaking at magnitude -1.3, Mars will outshine all stars and other planets except Sirius and Jupiter.on Sunday

Water Woman Project Continues – November 7-8

The Water Woman Project continues!
November 7 & 8
Joshua Tree Lake Campground

Cobbing, Drumming, Permaculture & Community Building

People came from far and wide to share the essential information and skills for living in harmony with Nature at the Water Woman Festival last month–AND a lot of people wanted to know when we were going to do it again, so we’ve set a date. Come get muddy! We’ll be finishing (and using) the rocket stove BBQ bench and other projects. We’ll be hosting mini-workshops on cob, Permaculture design and dry-lands water use & reuse. Bring your instruments, a dish to pass at the potluck, and your swimsuit for a dip in the rocket-hot tub. Camping costs $15 per night. Other than that, the event is free! Call JTL at 760-366-1213 to reserve your site.

Thank You Kristine!

A heartfelt HURRAY & “THANK YOU” to Kristine Cummins, webdesigner and WWP participant Extraordinaire for the Beautiful and Highly Functional & UPDATED Water Woman Project Web/Blog site. Her generosity and skill are deeply appreciated and will help our whole community grow closer and larger at the same time.

Find Kristine at

Contact us please to add your content, images, stories and contributions of what you find yourself doing at the intersection of art, technology and ecological consciousness.

The Water Woman Project is about YOU!


spiralgoddess by Kristine Cummins

Looking for land to Regenerate!

We are currently looking for land to hold our gathering in 2009.  Our dream…remote and privately owned land with a water source and in need of regenerative work.  Enough space for 500-1000 campers. Can we build cob ovens/structures or plant a food forest?  A collective of amazingly skilled and knowledgeable people want to come together and share our expertise with you!

Help us manifest this beautiful place!

Please contact: Paul Cohen 415-939-5848 or