The Water Woman Festival is an interactive ART and Ecological Experience featuring Eco-Artists, Green-Architects, Top Natural Builders, Permaculture Designers, Inspirational Eco-Leaders, Soulful Musicians and Sustainable Lifestyle Visionaries. How CAN we build art spaces and eco villages of our dreams and bring fun and easy things home to make living more beautiful and sustainable?. Come and See!

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The Water Woman Project ART Challenge:

There has never been as lofty a goal put to a group of artists before, but there hasn’t been a reason until now. As a tribe of concerned eco-artists our goal is to set new standards in sustainable artforms that provide energy, food, shelter, and water systems. By coming together as community of artists, permaculturalists, natural builders, visionary designers, performers and motivated people, we plan to go well beyond our society’s definitions of sustainability and beauty. Join Us!