san diego floodIt is astounding in many ways. It is shocking in many ways. The images of it can often cause people to flinch, or cry, or feeling desperately that they should be doing something to help.

Flooding is a catastrophic thing.It can happen to any person, in any home, in any country in the world. Flooding is both a natural and an unnatural event that can rarely be stopped and only occasionally predicted, which often leaves those at its mercy totally abandoned to fate and their own abilities. The physical destruction of property and belongings can often bankrupt a family, and cause a huge amount of stress trying to return their home back to normal after the flood waters have receded. But during water damage recovery, what are the emotional costs of flooding?

For many, it is that some of their most precious belongings have been destroyed. Few people can actually believe that they are much more likely to suffer from water damage at some point in their lives than the risk of fire and the risk of theft combined. Water damage can quickly destroy anything on paper, such as photographs, wedding certificates, love letters, children’s drawings. Those are items that you can never get back, and never replace. The sadness on losing them can sometimes be too much to bear. How do you explain to officials that you have no birth certificate, no passport? It can leave many people in a sort of emotional no man’s land; with little ability to prove who they are, and no memories on paper to look back on.

For others, it is the emotional toll that flooding puts on their family.Children will naturally be the ones that often suffer the most, because water damage can completely ruin items like soft toys, and favorite blankets. These items are completely irreplaceable in the truest sense of the word, and many children will find it difficult – if not impossible – to sleep for a long time before they become accustomed to doing life without their most precious friends. The family unit will undoubtedly go under a huge amount of upheaval during the water damage restoration process; items such as ruined wedding dresses will be found, and furniture handed down from generation to generation could be lost forever.

For some, it is the physicality of mold removal and water damage restoration. Never a pleasant task, when your entire home has been covered in mold due to water damage it is a long and laborious task that has to be undertaken. The health hazards of mold have been well documented, and many people dread the idea that they could catch an illness, or suffer from breathing problems because they are having to clear away so much mold.

Every situation has its own emotional pitfalls, but flooding in particular – and the water damage restoration process that comes with it – can often be disheartening, and saddening. These are the emotional costs of clouding that few people ever really see.

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