Learn EarthBag Building In Puerto Rico w/ Scott Howard.

I am happy to announce Earthen Hand is offering an
Earthbag Dome Intensive Workshop this coming
April 10-20, 2010 in Patillas, Puerto Rico.
Please help us make this trip a success by spreading the word to others. I can forward along my printable flyer at your request.

Earthbag Dome

Please see details at: www.earthenhand.com.

Also, I am currently preparing for our workshop in Dogon Country, Mali that will start next month.

We are building a schoolroom there.

A big thank you to everyone who helped maked this current project possible!

Kind regards,

Scott Howard
Earthen Hand Natural Building

Mars is coming close to Earth. Hold on.

Rusty Mon says,

On Aug. 26, 2003, when Mars was closer to Earth than it had been in many millenia, Mars was just a star-like point of light in the night sky. Mars will make another close approach to Earth Jan. 29, 2010, and will be only 61.7 million miles from Earth, closer than it will be again until March 2014. Peaking at magnitude -1.3, Mars will outshine all stars and other planets except Sirius and Jupiter.on Sunday